List of software I use.


  • CalyxOS

    Custom android rom focused on privacy. Mostly supports Google Pixel phones and 1 Xiaomi one.

  • F-Droid

    FOSS Play Store alternative

  • KISS Launcher

    Minimal app launcher

  • LineageOS

    A stock android rom with less Google. Has support for more devices but CalyxOS would be preferable

  • Scrambled Exif

    Scramble metadata from images



  • Auxio

    Music player (I now just mostly use mpv)

  • MuPDF Viewer

    PDF (and others) reader

  • Newpipe

    YouTube alternative

  • VLC

    When mpv-android can't play certain files

  • mpv-android

    Android version of mpv


  • Artix Linux

    Arch but without SystemD (I use runit)

    • Arch's Mirrorlist

      Because Artix made Arch's repository optional a while ago, which I guess is a good thing

  • Busybox

    Tiny toolbox of a buncha utilities

  • OpenDoas

    Simpler alternative to sudo, Because sudo is "insecure bloat"

  • cproc

    Small, well written, and mostly comprehensive C11 compiler. Authored by Michael Forney, who also made oasis linux

  • maim

    For taking screenshots

  • mandoc

    The mandoc UNIX manpage compiler toolset

  • neocities-cli

    Because opening my bloated browser, logging in, and manually copy pasting files is a pain

  • neomutt

    Email client for the terminal

  • newsboat

    Terminal RSS/Atom feed reader

  • oasis linux

    A small, 100% statically linked linux distro. Favors simpler alternatives for tools (e.g. sbase instead of GNU coreutils)

  • sbase

    Suckless base utilities

  • tcc

    Tiny C Compiler

  • vimiv

    Vim-based image viewer (for larger images)

  • vis

    A text editor that combines vi's modal editing with an implementation of Rob Pike's "Structural Regex" as seen in sam

  • waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan

    AI Image Upscaler

  • yay

    AUR Helper


  • Badwolf

    Nice, simple and privacy-oriented webkit browser

  • Dillo

    For testing purposes

  • LibreWolf

    Firefox but better

  • Netsurf

    Well-written and independent web browser. With it's own layout engine and all

  • w3m

    When I'm too lazy to open LibreWolf


  • FiraCode

    Nice monospaced font with ligatures

  • Liberation

    Mostly for mimicking default fonts like Arial


  • ImageMagick

    For basic image operations like crop, rotate, etc. Mostly use for cropping art to album covers

  • Krita

    Probably the most viable FOSS alternative to proprietary painting programs

  • FFmpeg

    For basic video operations like cutting, transcoding, etc. Sometimes used for tagging and inserting album art to MP3 files

  • Olive

    Shockingly good FOSS video editor, it's still in alpha stages though so bugs should be expected

  • PipeWire

    PulseAudio alternative

  • ncmpcpp

    NCurses client for MPD

  • ncmpcpp-ueberzug

    Wrapper that enables cover art via Ueberzug

  • mpd

    Music Player Daemon

  • mpv

    Best media player, period.

  • pngquant

    Lossy PNG compression, almost consistently cuts down to halfsize

  • youtube-dl

    Mainly a video downloader

  • ytfzf

    Browse YouTube videos in the terminal and watch them in MPV

  • zathura

    Minimal and extensible document viewer



  • ani-cli

    A script for streaming anime in the terminal with fzf and mpv!

  • mutt-wizard

    DISCLAIMER: You should be able to understand gpg, pass, and be able to make a simple mutt/neomutt config with isync (See is1, is2) before using this script, it will save you a lot of headache

  • tmpmail

    Temporary Email accounts in the terminal


  • dash (http)

    Symlink for /bin/sh

  • mksh

    MirBSD's portable korn shell

  • oksh

    OpenBSD's (unofficial) portable korn shell

    • loksh

      Linux port of oksh

  • zsh

    Z(oomer) Shell


  • xorg

    Might go with Wayland someday, but for now I'll have to rely on good ol'.. old, old, X.

  • Redshift

    Because blue light is yuck

  • dmenu

    Generic X menu

  • dwm

    Dynamic X window manager

  • grabc

    X Colorpicker that outputs to stdout

  • picom-git

    To get epic transparency :^)

  • slock

    Simple X display locker

  • st

    Simple X terminal

  • sxiv

    Simple X image viewer

  • unclutter

    X program for hiding the mouse when it's not in use

  • xclip

    X clipboard

  • xwallpaper

    X wallpaper setter


Exclusively for drawing.



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