Site "Make"-over

I've decided to move to static site generation (using POSIX make) for building my website. Reasons being that I'm starting to realize why some people hate XML stuff.

The benefit of this is that I get to use a document structure I actually like. There's also a "XHTML Only" option now in the footer, in case some people like or even need that. I've chosen markdown for the language before HTML, though I might turn to CommonMark in the future (for compatibility's sake).

For more details on how it's built, see the website's code. Yes, I have git repositories now; hosted by the, admittedly, very generous people over at Codeberg.

I originally planned on using SourceHut or even renting a VPS first for hosting my own git. Though I don't currently have enough resources for those in the long term. And because I felt that waiting for those would take a bit too long, I decided to go with Codeberg for the time being. Mark my words, I will self-host one day! One day...

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