Random Thoughts

"I can't stop laughing." 4/8/2021

"God damn Kiltro's "The Drunk" fuckin' slaps; " 3/21/2021

"Holy fuck I'm glad I deleted my Discord" 3/21/2021

""There's nothing wrong with making bad art, but there is something wrong with thinking that your bad art is good. -Taran Van Hemert" God damn, what a quote." 3/11/2021

"Welp, I just did something stupid again with my computer and had to completely reinstall windows. Then again, starting again from scratch isn't that bad and I didn't lose that much since I kept a decent backup of things. Thank God I did that." 10/3/2021

"Apparently just doing fake drawing in thin air (like air-guitaring) is pretty fun, might do it more often when I'm in a boring situation with nothing else to do." 5/3/2021