Random Thoughts

"Seems like I won't using Windows for a bit;" 2021-06-29

"Windows is a cyber dystopian mess. If the fact that Billy Gates prohibits you from using his latest operating system without having a webcam (front facing, and at HD resolution no less) isn't proof that he's spying in you, then I have no feasible comprehension of what is." 2021-06-26

"If I was one of those guys who made my website super nostalgic I would absolutely put this guy on the front page;bartendertherightmix" 2021-06-23

"I made the "Yoh Study" artwork specifically because I was feeling like I was unfathomably bored with how I've been learning things, so I thought what better way to remedy this boredom than with a bit of a master study? Obviously I would pick Yoh Yoshinari, the man the myth the legend, since I'm already pretty familiar with his work and would absolutely love to do a study of it. And so I watched what I assume to be one of the only video showing his workflow from start to end. I also made some notes from it." 2021-06-14

"I remastered a meme (Original by fedesso)" 2021-05-18

"God damn, this is a real good tune." 2021-05-09

""There's nothing wrong with making bad art, but there is something wrong with thinking that your bad art is good. -Taran Van Hemert" God damn, what a quote." 3/11/2021