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  • Circumpunct: "A webring of internet landlords who put God first"
  • XXIIVV: " attempt to inspire artists & developers to build their websites and share traffic amongst each other"





  • Alpine Linux: Small distro using busybox and musl. Planning to main
  • Artix Linux: Arch without systemd
  • Badwolf: Privacy-oriented webkit browser
  • Busybox: Collection of mostly small utilities
  • Dillo: Fast but old browser, supports HTML4 and basic CSS
  • FFmpeg: Mostly for transcoding
  • FiraCode: Monospace font w/ ligatures
  • Firefox: Use with arkenfox
  • Foot: Wayland terminal emulator
  • ImageMagick: For basic conversion and editing
  • Krita: Most decent FOSS painting program
  • LibreWolf: Firefox but better
  • Netsurf: Lean and mostly modern web browser
  • Olive: Actually pretty good video editor
  • OpenBSD: Probably best BSD
  • Pencil2D: Nice and simple program for animation and drawing
  • PipeWire
  • Tor Browser
  • aerc: "a pretty good email client"
  • aria2: Terminal downloader
  • cproc: Small C11 compiler using qbe
  • dash
  • gammastep
  • grim and slurp: For screenshots
  • hurl: HTTP and Gopher file grabber
  • imv: Simple image viewer
  • loksh: Linux port of oksh
  • mandoc: The mandoc UNIX manpage compiler toolset
  • mpv: Best media player, period.
  • neomutt: Email client for the terminal
  • oasis linux: Small, 100% statically linked linux distro
  • oksh: OpenBSD's korn shell
  • pngquant: PNG compression by quantization
  • qbe: Small compiler backend
  • sbase: Suckless base utilities
  • sfeed: RSS/Atom parser
  • sway: Tiling Wayland compositor
  • tmpmail: CLI for temporary email accounts
  • ubase: Suckless unportable utilities
  • vis: Modern text editor combining vi and sam
  • w3m: Terminal browser with images
  • waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan: AI Image Upscaler
  • wmenu: Wayland menu
  • yt-dlp: youtube-dl fork with fixes and new features
  • zathura: Extensible document viewer


Exclusively for drawing.

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