Some reading material I'd like to share.



A list of books that I would highly recommend or at the very least are interesting/good reads.

  • Rudolf Flesch - The Art of Plain Talk
  • Rudolf Flesch - The Art of Clear Thinking


  • Math:
    • Robert Carman - Quick Arithmetics


  • Andrew Loomis - Creative Illustration

  • Animation:

    • Richard Williams - The Animator's Survival Kit (Expanded Edition)
  • Artbooks:

    • The Art of Yoh Yoshinari: Rough Sketches

      Absolutely breathtaking sketches. I cannot gush enough about this man's art. He's one of my biggest inspirations and this book is filled to the brim with his artwork to study for hours, days and even weeks. In fact, here is a 3 hour stream archive that analyzes the entire book, by a guy who knows his stuff.

    • Cutler & Cutler - J. C. Leyendecker

  • Composition:

    • Molly Bang - Picture This

      Nice and short book that goes about composition in a simple but effective manner, using solid color shape cut-outs to describe some basic principles about composition.

  • Creativity:

    • Gabriel Rico - Writing The Natural Way

      An absolutely fantastic book on how to naturally be more creative. Focuses mostly on writing but is basically applicable to any kind of creative process.

  • Development:

    • Steven Pressfield - The War of Art

      Great book, I've listened to the audiobook at least 3 times. It describes what "resistance" is, how it disfigures our lives, and gives us a battle plan to face it with.

  • Draftsmanship:

    • Robert Beverly Hale - Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters
    • Scott Robertson - How to Draw


  • Farming:
    • Joel Salatin - Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal
  • Fitness:
    • Tom Venuto - Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscles
  • Personal Development:
    • Stephen R. Covey - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

      A magnificent book that I wish everyone would read and apply to their lives.

    • Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People

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