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Lessons from Welcome to The N.H.K. (NHKにようこそ!):

  • As long as you're alive, you have power
  • It's ok to be lost, everyone is/was
  • Life is pain, but that's what makes the happy moments so valuable
  • Life won't give you a path, so you'll have to carve one out yourself
  • Suicide is never the answer, the only thing it does is permanently stop you from being happy or make others suffer in your place
  • There are no shortcuts
  • There's always someone who's equal or even worse off than you


"You gotta have something substantial to put out there and you'll do fine!... I always put my eggs in 'don't just be different, just be good'... Good's different enough."

-Jeff Watts


"My biggest recommendation for learning anatomy is to sculpt, rather than draw."

-Dorian Iten


"There's nothing wrong with making bad art, but there is something wrong with thinking that your bad art is good."

-Taran Van Hemert

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